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What Is Legends of Runeterra Game About?

What Is Legends of Runeterra Game About?

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game that uses skill instead of luck. You can choose champions, allies, and regions of Runeterra to create your deck. Each champion has a different mechanic, like if they are a card or if they level up over time. There are 9 different regions of Runeterra that you can pick from, like Freljord, Piltover & Zaun, Targon, Ionia, and more. You can also choose to play PvE or Ranked. In Ranked, you will compete for a cash prize. There are also events that have different rules to play with and different rewards to unlock.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game, where the objective is to defeat the opposing player by playing cards to summon champions and equipment, cast spells, and use abilities.

The game is won by destroying the other player's tower, which is built from the ground up.

The player can summon champions and equip them with weapons and armor, cast spells, or use their special abilities, which are based on their original League of Legends.

The game is released in a free-to-play mode, but there are optional in-game purchases for players that want to expedite their progress.

30 Mar 2022